OpenVPN account settings

AliveVPN OpenVPN account settings:

  • After payment of OpenVPN package you'll receive an email with your registration data of this type:

    Subject: Registration of AliveVPN account (Unlimited Bandwidth OpenVPN account / 1 day):10 day(s), account expires 04/25/2009

    Your registration data:

    Arhive of keys files: v46-23085.tgz
    Password: zYlJmZy
    Account Expires: 04/25/2009

  • Download and install the OpenVPN GUI from here:
  • Expand the archive with the keys and the settings in the folder with the settings of Open VPN GUI, by default it is this - "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\".
    As a result, in the settings directory should be the following files:

    07.04.2009 13:08 1 529 ca.crt
    07.04.2009 13:08 424 dh2048.pem
    07.04.2009 01:13 246 v46-23085.conf
    07.04.2009 13:08 4 947 v46-23085.crt
    07.04.2009 13:08 1 751 v46-23085.key
    07.04.2009 01:13 238 v46-23085.ovpn

  • Now you have to run the OpenVPN connection:
    • Run the OpenVPN CUI program "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui-1.0.3.exe"
    • Double-click the tray icon appears in the OpenVPN GUI and enter in response to a request issued you a password.
    • Your connection is established.