Connecting to the Internet via public access point Wi-Fi direct path to the loss of your logins and private data!

Connecting to the Internet via a free access point Wi-Fi you risk losing all your passwords and private data, as all your traffic can be tracked through the "ether" and the router (computer through which you connect to the Internet). All your logins, passwords, credit card numbers, your correspondence and web surfing places hackers can be a domain or not bona fide administrators access point.

Black Hat: hotspoty guarantee private data theft

Hotspoty-point general-Wi-Fi access to virtually all pose a threat to the diversion details, said at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas Rob Graham (Rob Gram), executive director Errata Security.

For details steal enough employ an snifer program to record network traffic passing through the network interface. Graham showed gathered cookies to a Gmail account of one of those present, "recaptured" sniferom. Cook used postal sites for the storage of the session identifier to be issued after entering loyal to access details. Using this ID, the attacker could pretend to be another user. "Web 2.0 broken at the base," concluded Graham, implying that any network in snifer Wi-Fi- network can obtain all the required details.

Until now it was thought that access to encrypted SSL protocol (URL with the prefix https: / /) enough to have been unable to "extraneous" podsmotret traffic. But popular postal services by default encrypt traffic is not at all stages. As for the access time using the stolen cookie, some years are valid. The only way to protect the view of Graham, configure access to the Web, so that the connection with the server shifrovalas completely.

Our comments on the use of security Wi-Fi

All described the danger is real, but all these problems are solved using a simple encrypted VPN connections serving over Wi-Fi. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you only use an encrypted VPN access to work with in the Interet through free, and even paid Wi-Fi access point.

If you plan to rest when going to travel or use Wi-Fi Online, we encourage you to buy from us and customize access to the VPN service. This ensures you your security logins, passwords and data at the time of travel, and therefore good mood and saved nerve cells.

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